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Here we are with the post on Buenos Aires you’ve all been waiting for… or maybe not, Marco says. I think you were. But we’ve both agreed that we are writing it anyway.

Language. First of all, Buenos Aires is also known as Baires, which is way cooler and makes us feel almost native-like already. The adjective you use to refer to people and things from Buenos Aires is porteño. The variety of Spanish spoken here in Argentina is slightly different from what we’re used to in Europe – slower and more relaxed, which we wholeheartedly approve of. What’s more, the pronunciation of the double ‘l’ and of ‘y’ followed by a vowel is very similar to that of the letter ‘j’ in French or ‘sc’ in Italian, depending on who’s speaking. For example, the sentence ‘I am from Sevilla and I spean Spanish’ sounds more or less like ‘Jo soy de Sevija y hablo castejano’. ‘Okay’ is dale, and a very common expression is viste?, meaning ‘understood?’. Continue reading